2014 Halloween Fest set posted. http://t.co/e7Ov0QcHUu #omgrobots http://t.co/ggrFbsZKDt

Had a blast @HoustonZombies and met so many interested people but no one was more excited than this child. @FRCteams http://t.co/utYD9OP1H5

Shelly Gaydos - This Is How I Work : http://t.co/1uBAkejmxy

Spectrum ready to watch @vanillaice @HoustonZombies !!!! http://t.co/PpyqRC2aqk

Watching Spiderman have a fight @HoustonZombies http://t.co/YBujNXcU9n

2014 HISD VEX West set posted. http://t.co/eQ0iFd5Qma #omgrobots http://t.co/ybGeTWL9du

Showing off @FRCTeams robots to children @HoustonZombies http://t.co/CCX9O1j2jn

Setting up for a demo @HoustonZombies !!! Getting ready for Halloween really early!!!!! http://t.co/VzbRveRVR8

Running Lee high school Vex competition! Skyrise is such a fun game to setup! http://t.co/yaStB6mxvE

Watching the Vex referee video and look at who we saw!!!!
http://t.co/F3gfyWnfCS http://t.co/UnqW012LIh